The Wild Fire Project – PRIVATE

“Change The System – Not The Symptom.” – Mr Twenty Twenty

It is the way information is structured is that makes the difference.   Say something one way and nobody cares – silence – you could hear a pin drop.   Say it in a slightly different way and people will jump up, open their wallets and tell their friends.  It’s the same inside your mind – most of your hopes – dreams – and goals die invisibly – because they simply haven’t been structured powerfully.

“My little girl told me she loves having me at home to watch her cartoons with her again before dinner, and I realized that I had quit going to the gym again.  Another goal forgotten another dream now dead.  I couldn’t even remember when I stopped going.  Was it weeks or months ago?   Even with 20 years of NLP, I  still couldn’t consistently STAY TARGETED on my important goals.   I was still getting distracted.   Over the next few nights when I couldn’t sleep,  I began realizing how many other times this happened in my life.  I am sick of it.   That is why I’m here.  It’s, time for a change.”

THE PROBLEM:  The years slip by.  You life doesn’t change, you don’t accomplish your goals, because without you knowing it – your dream died.  Or maybe you just got distracted by life – again.    Your goals somehow have dropped out of your mind – completely.  And once again, you find yourself wondering, “when did accomplishing that stop being so important to me?

THE SOLUTION:   (WildFire)  Pay attention.  Take notes.  This could change your life – big time.

HERE IS WHERE WE BEGIN.  (This is just a tiny sneak peak into just a small part of our new training WILDFIRE).

First, stop ignoring current scientific models – start embracing them.

EXAMPLE:   For years, trainers, coaches and NLP experts have ASSUMED that you have “one mind”.   And if you buy into that presumption, common sense tells you that if you optimize that “one mind” you will optimize your life.   (And for some reason, most people can’t EVER seem to optimize their “one mind”, and for some reason they actually feel like they are FIGHTING against it.

Let’s change that.

Now, if you start with Multiple Mind Theory – you are going to find getting yourself or others to take action (and keep taking action) is ALMOST EFFORTLESS.  (Not because the model is “right”, but because it works.)   Read on.

For example, when Mr Twenty Twenty started using Multiple Mind Theory the way he teaches it, he STOPPED approaching behavior change (and goal getting) like he had “one mind” and started treating what was inside his head as a GROUP of minds, that he wanted to train to become a LASER TARGETED TEAM of minds HE STARTED GETTING SPECTACULAR RESULTS.

So he had to start testing what he was doing with his family and his friends.  (Don’t you wish you lived close by, or could have gotten an insider peek.)

Because he found, that treating your “minds” like a group makes it easy to train them to be a PROFESSIONAL TEAM.  This insight gave him the power to use his TEAM BUILDING SKILLS and create a winning team INSIDE HIS “MIND”.   His team wins consistently, takes effortless action, and sticks with his goals – every time.

TAKE AWAY:  If you THINK you have one mind – you have to MANAGE it, and for some reason you will just manage to get by.  But on the other hand, if you treat YOUR minds (plural) as a group – that you get to LEAD – you get to train them so they become a laser targeted team – that gets amazing results.

THE SECOND LIFE CHANGING INSIGHT (which came after many late night masterminds – exploring WHY what you are about to learn works so well…)

YOU CAN’T STICK WITH MOST OF YOUR DECISIONS, IDEAS AND COMMITMENTS  – because they aren’t structured IN A WAY that makes them STICKY.   

(Most “great ideas and grand goals die quickly.   The reason why you don’t “stick to it” because your ideas aren’t STRUCTURED so they STICK AND SPREAD inside your mind.)

Notice this:  “Conventional Marketing experts” for YEARS have been DEAD WRONG.  Saying that it takes 9 exposures to “your message” for it to make a dent.   That is TRUE if your idea – message – is NOT STRUCTURED so that it STICKS AND SPREADS.  (How many times did you have to hear, “Where’s the beef” before it stuck inside your mind?)  (Much more powerful than, “Our burgers have more meat.”)

Most people approach inner change, goal getting and self motivation with the “our burgers have more meat” model.   Poorly structured ideas, that have no power, don’t stick or stand out, and they don’t SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE into their behaviors and life.


Use what you learn in Wild fire, and your FOCUS will dominate your minds, recruit other parts of mind to help optimize your behavior and performance – and it will SPREAD BY DESIGN, and make you a better more effective person EVERYWHERE in life.

Or you can do what everyone is doing, use the “more meat model”, and hope your average idea / inspiration doesn’t simply wither up and die.  (That’s what most people experience.)

“You are learning why it is that almost everyone feels like they actually STRUGGLE against their very own mind – to do the right thing – to stick with a change – to get things done.”



You will AMP UP your results BIG TIME, and actually stick with your goals and accomplish your dreams – if you learn how to format your IDEAS so that the don’t FADE AWAY.  Learning the Wild Fire Principles, will help you CONSTRUCT and USE them so that they take on a life of their own and spread through your brain and your change your behavior – like WildFire.

Consider this:

What works in nature is what works in your neurology.  (Think Wild Fire.)

  • Ask yourself, “How can I take this CORE of this CHANGE and:
  • Make it stick.  (You don’t want it to burn out – you want it to last so it can grow.)
  • Make it spread.  (You don’t want it to be just ONE single little speck of light inside your mind – you want it to grow – recruit – and CREATE massive change.)

Think about how an actual wild fire happens.   A tiny spark lands in a protected position, where it can stick around long enough to start a fire, and that fire is in just the right environment so that it spreads and takes over.

This is how your neurology works, and this is why you need Wild Fire:  The science of how to construct an idea – so that it creates change inside your mind.

  • Your mind is exactly the same.   You need to DELIBERATELY DESIGN your Core Change Idea (spark), so that it NATURALLY STICKS AND SPREADS inside your mind.   (Do this, and you won’t have to babysit it, force feed it, or try to make it work.   Do what we share in Wild Fire, and it will become DOMINANT inside your mind..

In the Wild Fire Recording Sessions, you begin with learning how to create Core Change Ideas that will naturally RECRUIT and engage other parts of your mind, your identity and your behavior – so you actually embody the change you want in life.  Do this and action just happens – and keeps happening – long after you start – because a wild fire sticks and spreads – it feeds itself.

(Imagine the positive PRODUCTIVE life changing shifts you could have in your life – with that kind of power.)

All you have to do is just change your models.

And then follow the steps we share.

Let’s dive in.   But first…

NOTE:  You know I’ve been doing this FULL TIME for more than 25 years now.   And when I stumble across (or develop) an idea that works – one that echoes inside my mind – I deeply research it, apply it and run wildly with it with a small group of people – so that it will become even much much more effective and life changing.  (You could be one of them.)

You can put to death the absolute cause of the inner conflict and self created frustration you have felt in life.  You can end all “self sabotage” with Wild Fire as far as I can tell.   Because if you work at this level – that all goes away.  Let’s make this real world for just a minute.

Day Trading Example:   When I am day trading, there are several minds active at once.   The professional trading part of the group includes 3 minds.   The ANALYZER MIND that analyzes the charts, ENTERING MIND that takes good entries, and the EXITING MIND that makes profit, and exits the trade.   They can be “sabotaged”  by the “gambler mind” who just wants to take a chance, and by the “lets take trades because Victoria is” mind because it want’s to hang out with her.

If you are like me, that probably sounds like most people you know.  That’s why they are so easily distracted, why they are self destructive, and why they seem to never fully hold on to the success they want.  Of course, you can blame the stress and the sabotage on your “subconscious mind”, and of course you could to “parts therapy” with it – but here’s the deal.

When you actually approach this kind of example AS IF there are multiple REAL MINDS inside of you – and that they can be an unruly group – or become a highly targeted TEAM that YOU LEAD – amazing change happens.   (It’s like letting the minds be REAL and allowing them to have their own personalities and quirks – makes working WITH them – as their LEADER – much more effective.   (You’ll notice an AMAZING increase in ENERGY too.)

BENEFIT:  Wild Fire helps you make the move from having a “typical” group of minds – that always needs prodding and poking to barely get anything done – to having a LASER FOCUSED PROFESSIONAL WINNING TEAM inside your mind, creating laser focused change in your life.

Here’s the deal.

Currently – Wild fire has FOUR – SEVEN (UPDATED 6 August) TRAINING MODULES, (you’ve been given a tiny sneak peek into parts of  just TWO of them today.)  Inside you will find THREE AND A HALF FOUR and a HALF HOURS (UPDATED 12 July) of highly focused – laser targeted – solid gold recordings.  These are special SHORT recordings, most are just about 10 minutes each – designed so you can digest them and take action on them fast.  (Listen Quick – Take Notes – Take Action).

Designed so you use each streamlined segment NOW.   Structured so that you can find EXACTLY what parts of it you need – if you want to listen to them again and again – fast.

Here is why you are getting them for next to nothing today…

I want to get that up to 5 ROCK SOLID HOURS, but to do that, I need your help.    I want you to get the Wild Fire Recordings – listen to each section (there are 4 in all) – and send me up to THREE ideas, suggestions, or questions per section – that we can use to take Wild Fire to the max.   In other words, I want this to be REAL WORLD FUN.  (Your input into the FINAL PACKAGE will help WildFire be better than ANYTHING we have produced in the past, because you will be helping me keep it ROCK SOLID REAL WORLD RESULTS DRIVEN.

And I am willing to almost pay you for helping us do just that.

When completed, Wild Fire will retail at $497 firm.   (We don’t want any tire kickers on this one, just the truly motivated.)(At just $100 an hour is well worth it, I am told by our 4 beta – listeners.)

And yes, we will offer it at a discount price to get it rolling big time –  of less than the full $497  (for a week or two – maybe), but today you are getting a much better deal – the best deal ever – if you click the link below.

So you can wait for the official “ad copy” to come along later, and pay a few hundred dollars more – or you can be a part of the Wild Fire Development Group, part of the most amazing training package we have ever produced.

Remember:  You will get the package as it is NOW, and you will get all updates FOR LIFE.

Join us:

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE THISE COURSE, SEND ME AN EMAIL AT 2020@EXHOSTAGE.COM and I will do a manual sale for you, since we are rebuilding this site. THANK YOU!

PS:  The feedback so far…   One listener is using Wild Fire with his team to create WILD FIRE minds  in his team members.   (He calls this “covert leadership training”.)   Another beta listener, is using what he learned in Wild Fire as a professional “jock” – to get out of a mid life rut – and take home the gold again.   Two more (a married couple), are using it to create more massive change in 30 days than they would have ever dared before in their family life and family business.   And they are teaching the principles to their kids.   Look for their contributions soon.  How will you use Wild Fire?   Let’s find out!


There are few things so simple and powerful…However when you find one, it changes your life.

About a month ago I reached out to Twenty Twenty and asked him for help being more efficient, productive and happy. I’m an entrepreneur in the coaching business so I have pretty high standards for the people I ask help from.

I was stuck in a rut where I would start and stop projects, have trouble completing them and get frustrated with the pattern or life I had fallen in. It is fine when you don’t see your patterns, but when it is so obvious it is like a slap in the face, it isn’t fun.

Twenty told me to get the Wild Fire Special. I downloaded it and started listening. It was perfect for me. Simple, adaptable and effective. I could very easily fit it into my daily routine or meditation, do the writing exercises and have lesson express itself throughout my day. It was an easy 10 min audio and 2-5 of writing after that.

Here’s what happened. In the 25 plus days I was doing the exercises, I created a product with over 40 hours of videos and about 400 pages of content. I made all the sale pages for it, marketing stuff and maintained my business. I was able to excel with my clients coaching and most importantly complete all the things I started. Believe me there were highs and lows. I looked at some pretty deep stuff in me. But overall it was worth it.

By far the most important thing I got from the program was a platform to cleanse my thoughts, mind and mental state. I signed up to get break a habit, but what I got was the solution to every bad habit I had created in my life.

Good stuff!

Steve Mayeda