“I’ve only been listening to my recording for a week and I can already notice a big difference in the way I think.  In fact, everywhere I look, I can now see how much my mind has been programmed in the past, often in a negative way.  Now I have the opportunity to re-program my mind, to get the results I really want from life and I’m very grateful that I’ve crossed paths with Mr Twenty Twenty.”    Thanks again,  Della

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1. The Cosmic Trigger

2. What Am I?

3. Mind – Body – Happiness

4. Bullshit Belief Change

5. Enough Theory! Take Action!

6. The Success Virus!

7.  Eliminating THE VOICES – Engaging Silence!

8.  Eliminating FEAR – The Double Tap!

9.  The Buzz and The Buzz Kill!  (Secrets of harnessing hive energy!)

10.  Beyond Manifesting and Miracles – (Imagine a whole new playing field!)

11.  Four Focused Voices – Train Your Brain for Excellence and Action.

12. Survive and Thrive

13. Adventures in Possibility Thinking

14. Past Life Pattern Eliminator

15. Simply Certain – Eliminate confusion. Engage solutions with ease. AA++ NEW RELEASE!

16. THE ENERGIZER – New Release! Instant Best Seller!

17. NEVILLE GODDARD – Manifesting Mastermind #`1

18. FREE YOUR MIND – Create Clarity – Eliminate Confusion with just 4 simple questions. A Must have!

19. DECISION MASTERY #1 – Stop doing your head in. Generate new power and precision with your decisions. LIVE AND RAW!

20. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE – Sometimes – all you really have to do is…. STOP RESISTING. You’ve never heard THIS – THIS WAY before.

21. MID LIFE CRISES – Meaning – Miracles. Often some tiny changes in perceiving change everything. Powerpoints, insights and tools for you.

Thank you!

The Almost Free Recordings Project works like this. A client or reader of Mr Twenty Twenty’s works pays Mr Twenty Twenty $79 (special price) for a custom recording that is about 25 to 35 minutes long – on any subject they want.

Mr Twenty Twenty produces the recording for the client and then also shares it with the world BY DONATION. – Pay what you want between $5 and $25 bucks. We donate the proceeds to help people in need.

Freely giving changes the world.   Have a great day and Thank You for being a part of this amazing project!

Mr Twenty Twenty, I don’t know how that funky nlp works but work it does. Only one listen in and my world flipped.  I feel great. Have listened many more times now and don’t get it at all.  Thank you sooooooooooo much.  Big loves, Dionne Gardiner

PS:  Have passed you on to others.

Enjoy the Almost Free NLP Downloads

“I listened to the first two downloads and am very glad and grateful I was led to your sight.  I have followed Neville Goddard for about a year now and have adopted a completely fresh perspective based on my feeling that all perspectives are ok.  However it is fun learning more about myself, and seeing how I can grow more consciously.   Your recordings are awesome and i feel I have grown so much in 80 minutes.  It is my pleasure to support you and thank you for sharing!!! ”   😀   Sema