Beyond Manifesting Miracles

We used NLP and Subjective Modeling to take apart the mind of Neville Goddard in the 2009 Remarkable Program.   It was a blast taking him, Napoleon Hill, Werner Erhard, Bucky Fuller and many other really cool folks apart too.

We learned megatons, spending one month modeling each one.   Expanding our mind and abandoning our limitations.

I wish you were there.  Maybe next time.  Anyhoo, check this out!

In this Almost Free NLP Recording you are getting something very special.   The Beyond Manifesting Miracles recording is NOT like anything else you have ever heard or read about “the secret”, Neville Goddard or manifesting.

“Great recording mate.   Loved every minute of it.  Thank you for keeping it simple and effective for us.  Solid Gold Nuggets for pennies on the dollar.”

Thank you!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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