Belief Change Bullshit

Have you too noticed, “what is holding you back, isn’t real”?

What holds you back (in real time) is never real, it is in your imagination.

“Beliefs, those tricky bastards are simply not real, they are in your imagination.  If you listen closely, do what I say, and start living your life full out, you won’t have to worry about “beliefs” ever again.”

Part 2:  Meaning.  Meaning is like sugar. Meaning is like salt.  Most foods contain some natural sugars and salts.  Most moments in life have some natural “meaning”.  We as a culture tend to keep adding in more and more, sugar, salt ,and meaning to life (and food) and wonder why we are hyped up, stressed out, fat and nuts.   Part 2 of this Almost Free NLP recording is all about meaning, and what to do about it.

Part 3:  The truth about feelings and what to do about them. We could call this the truth about depression and fear, and share how to get the hell over them in this lifetime (or in 35 minutes) but let’s just stick with FEELINGS for now.

Part 4:  How marketers have totally messed up your mind, and why wife beating and husband bashing…. nevermind.   Just get the recording.

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Mr Twenty Twenty