Cosmic Trigger 1- Flow!

Boy are we excited about this very special release by Mr Twenty Twenty!

Cosmic Trigger Volume 1:  Secrets of Instantly Entering into FLOW!

INSTANTLY!  Anytime!  Anywhere!  With anyone!

Based on almost 3 decades of real life NLP, full contact martial arts, training with the most amazing survivalists on the planet – The Apache Scouts – and sitting Zazen in a little unknown Zen temple for 48 hours, AND modeling some of the worlds most unusual athletes, trainers, and their minds – Cosmic Trigger Volume 1 – INSTANT FLOW SECRETS is going to TOTALLY rock your world.

In Cosmic Trigger Volume 1 you will learn how to:

  • Unleash massive creativity.
  • Experience total peace of mind.
  • Engage any sport or activity at the master level.
  • Enter into the timeless state of FLOW – Anytime – Anywhere – With Anyone!

You are going to learn EXACTLY how to pull the Cosmic Trigger – and how to stop jamming your own gun. This is way beyond peak states, and ending “self sabotage” and much more powerful than any STATE CHANGE method you have previously learned or seen ANYWHERE!

Keep in mind, as a BONUS:

If you can read (listen) between the lines, you are going to TOTALLY ELIMINATE the need to ever get rapport, or use NLP to influence the mind of another human again.  You won’t have to! You won’t want to!  You won’t need to!   (You’ll get the NLP joke, and the SOLUTION that you’ve been hoping and praying for.)

If you DIVE RIGHT IN – and take a just a few tiny notes on what YOU feel is VITAL, then share it with a friend, companion or training partner, you will BOTH go NUCLEAR.  Two plus two in this realm = much more than four, much more.

Download it instantly for just 12.
Listen.   Apply.  Change life.

Do it now!  Whoo yah!

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Note:  Use of this product will not make you levitate, pee in rainbow colors, or make 72 trillion dollars in 48 hours or less. It won’t make your Great Grandma look like Paris Hilton, and it won’t restore thinning hair on the bottom of your Uncle Chester’s feet.   The results you get will be the results you get, and approaching life with a sense of humor and profound curiosity will open up doors that will blow your mind.   Take Action!  Add in technology like what Mr Twenty Twenty shares and you’ve got what it takes to exponentially multiply your results in all areas of life!  Whooo yah!  Time to rock and roll!