Decision Mastery #1

If you are one of those folks, who can make a decision, and have it work out every single time PERFECTLY, then this recording is NOT for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve run into problems around making decisions, making USEFUL decisions, or following up – in a way that works – then Decision Mastery #1 is gonna be a TREMENDOUS TREAT for you.

My mate Mikey G stopped by to see me the other day, and what you are getting is a TOTALLY RAW conversation we had, around the dynamics of decision making, how people get stuck, how they make decisions that look and sound good – and that keep them trying to succeed and….

Well, it’s a RARE totally raw conversation between the Weird Obtuse NLP Guru (Mr Twenty Twenty) and one of his good mates.

It will totally rock your world. (And change the power of your decision making FOREVER.)

WARNING: I do drop the “f bomb” a few times in this recording. Decision Mastery #1 is very high energy, fast paced, with no punches pulled. Enjoy~!

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