Eliminating Voices – Engaging Silence

Can you help me? I have these VOICES in my head, that are getting in the way of my success and happiness? You know the kind: “What’s wrong with you?” “Who do you think you are?” “Why can’t I seem to get my shit together?” “Why am I always struggling?’ “I am so screwed up!” “Why me?”

Almost Free NLP - Eliminating VoicesI get these kinds of emails all the time, and after doing this kind of stuff (NLP, coaching, training) for over 20 years – I’ve got some good news for you.

You can enjoy silence and peace of mind.  Just don’t make the mistakes most people make with the voices inside their heads.

You are gonna get you the keys to the Inner Kingdom here.  You’ll get much more from the recording, but I want you to get this now.

1. The voices in your head – aren’t yours. That’s not news, right.   But here is the golden nugget.   THE VOICES – DON’T TAKE ANYTHING THEY SAY PERSONALLY.

2. Don’t try to quiet them, or argue with them. That only gives them what they want – your life and your attention.

Here is exactly what to do.

1. Notice the voices.   Just notice them. They aren’t you, they aren’t yours, they aren’t PERSONAL.  Don’t take anything they say personal.

BECAUSE, in 20 years of “doing this stuff”, I can tell you that almost everyone has the same CRAP inside their voices. It’s almost IDENTICAL.    So STOP taking it personal, and trying to change it.  Just NOTICE the voices.

2. Discover “the exits”. This is gonna read a little weird, because it’s just weird to write about. (Sort of like how positive thinking was weird to write about 50 years ago, and how today it’s easy and part of our language.)

Some of the exits in in your neurology. In the recording I share a little 60 second drill that will let your mind open up to a data dump. Do this for just 3 minutes a day, and you’ll notice your neurology loosen up, you’ll get smarter, more relaxed and more creative too.

Some of the exits are in how you “view” the voices. A tiny little shift in how you notice “the voices” or “your voices” or “the sneakiness of the voices” just seems to open up doorways to peace of mind.

Some of the exits are in how you use words that have multiple meanings.   For example, in this recording on the surface there are what appear to be some BASIC NLP teachings on the power of ambiguities.  Listen closely and you’ll discover even more applications to what is pointed out about being “a loser” and “waiting” in life.

“Anyhoo, typing about live training audio is like typing about making out, or skydiving – or making out while skydiving. No matter how much you type, it just ain’t gonna have the impact that the recording below does.”

So here is the deal. Pick your own price – between $5 and $20 bucks. Pay it, download the recording.   Heck, if you aren’t sure, just download the recording FIRST, then come back and pay for it.

It’s that good.   Listen to it a few times, then take some notes, and take it apart, and take you apart and….

Most of all, have fun!

Thank you for playing with our Almost Free NLP.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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Hi Mr Twenty Twenty,

I have been listening to the recording you created for  me and have been doing the little exercises you recommended and WOW WOW WOW.

Thank you so much, I feel like a breathe of fresh air has rushed through my body. You have rocked my world.

Those old nasty evil gremlins in my head, I can’t stop thinking how they are much kinder now. I was at my trading group tonight and suddenly I looked around and noticed, I was listening to one of the traders talking, actually listening to HIM and not what was going on in my head.

I see how in my head I have been shouting I JUST WANT PEACE AND QUIET, would ya just SHUT UP!!!!!……….yeah that works! But now there is silence, sighlence.

I dropped my three boys off at school this morning and I ran with them, me running, and not just running like, hey I am an adult and I have so much self control.

I was running free, running with abandon, running with delight.  A huge victory for me because this body has been anti-running for a very long time! You can even catch me doing a few leaps! Miraculous.

I am relaxed and easy around others, able to just be, not getting distracted by my own internal dialogue.

And I have been giggling and laughing and having FUN. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun, felt so great, so happy and free.

People have been calling me beautiful. go figure.

You have opened my mind to living life from beauty and grace. It is so easy, such a joy listening to you and ahh the silence is bliss.

Thank you with all my heart