Enough Theory – Take Action

“I’d like a custom recording on getting from theory to daily action, from wasting time on trivia to getting core issues done.  How to impliment my knowledge and resources into real skills.”

Enough theory already!

How do you get from “theory to consistent real world results”?

Let me give you a clue that will both save and transform your life.

This recording is not about amping up your motivation. “Bigger isn’t always better, and often bigger motivation leads to stress, burn out, heart attack and stroke.” (Have you noticed how many so called successful people fit that profile?)

Is it any wonder why some of us “unconsciously” resist doing what it takes to become successful?

“I will guarantee that you haven’t heard anything like this before. Mr2020, you did it again. Took the invisible, made it obvious, and gave me exactly what I needed to get to the next stage, take the next step, and make it happen.”

This Custom Recording was bought and paid for by one of our long term friends, followers, clients. He paid just under $100 bucks for it.

Download it instantly for just $12 bucks.  That’s dimes on the dollar.

Note:  The Almost Free NLP Recording Project works like this. A client or reader of Mr Twenty Twenty’s works pays Mr Twenty Twenty $25 for a special recording that is about 25 to 35 minutes long – on any subject they want.

Mr Twenty Twenty produces the recording for them personally and then also shares it with the world for just $12

“Freely giving changes the world.   Have a great day and Thank You for being a part of this amazing project!”

Mr Twenty Twenty

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Whoo yah!

Note:  Use of this product will not make you levitate, pee in rainbow colors, or make 72 trillion dollars in 48 hours or less. It won’t make your Great Grandma look like Paris Hilton, and it won’t restore thinning hair on the bottom of your Uncle Chester’s feet.   The results you get will be the results you get, and approaching life with a sense of humor and profound curiosity will open up doors that will blow your mind.   Take Action!  Add in technology like what Mr Twenty Twenty shares and you’ve got what it takes to exponentially multiply your results in all areas of life!  Whooo yah!  Time to rock and roll!

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