The Buzz and The Buzz Kill

“Just the thought of getting it – accomplishing it, gives me a buzz.   Then at some point, the buzz kill shows up, everything stops, I feel stuck, and all my work feels as if it’s for nothing.”

It’s all about harnessing and directing what Grandpa called Hive Energy.

Almost Free NLPBuzz #1:  The BUZZ is the energy of the hive. I remember as a child feeling – touching the hive – slowly – cautiously – feeling the unstoppable energy within – knowing deelpy that if the Hive Energy is directed properly (and left interrupted when need be) that something great would happen.

I also knew that disturbing “the hive” would lead to a buzz kill, and many painful bee stings.

Buzz #2:  The BUZZ is the electricity (potential) you can feel, moving through the wire.   We were young kids, standing out by Grandpa’s barn.   The high power lines that went over head were something you could feel, literally your hair would stand on end when you stood underneath them.

Sometimes we wondered, where is all that electricity going? What is that power going to do? Light up a city? Power a factory?

Buzz #3:  The Buzz is what they are all excitedly talking about. When you walk up to the crowd and you notice they almost seem to be one finely tuned organism, with a life of it’s own.

It’s time to harness, direct, and access “the buzz”.  And it’s time to let “the buzz” harness, direct and access YOU.

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