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If you don’t CONTROL YOUR MIND – someone else – everyone else will.

Get how YOU controlling your mind is vital to your sanity, and to you staying focused and getting the results you want, and you’ll get that MIND CONTROL is vital to your success and your happiness.

Get that and you’ll get why Mr Twenty Twenty is almost giving away Apache Scout Mind Control 2012. Including the Critical Conversation Destroyer you all are raving about and much much more.

So scroll down to watch the video. Take just a few tiny notes. They will rock your world and give you absolute essentials to start CONTROLLING YOUR MIND instantly.


To optimize your mind – and to optimize your world, let’s begin with….

The Almost Completely L.O.S.T. art and science of Conversation Control.

And more importantly WHY you need to MASTER this skill today.

Conversation Control.  Simply put, if you let conversations around you SUCK, they will suck the life force and the clarity, focus and DRIVE right out of you.  So we’ve got to start ELIMINATING MIND SUCK CONVERSATIONS.   Learning how to do that ELEGANTLY AND WITH STYLE, will not only FREE YOUR MIND – but be a tremendous gift to those around you who just don’t know any better.

You are going to learn THE THREE Phases of Power we all need to have ALIGNED so that we STOP being ROBBED of our Pure Potential.


FULL LENGTH RECORDING #1: CRITICAL CONVERSATION CONTROL The Mind Suck Eliminator: Eliminate NEGATIVE – critical conversations both in your head and in yhour life that MIND SUCK – your energy and your clarity.

FULL LENGTH RECORDING #2: APPROACH ANYONE and have Magical and Magnetic conversations open up new worlds of possibility. They also make you the most interesting person in the room – attract to you the people you want and need in your life – and generate PRODUCTIVE MIND PROCESSES – that amplify your results. (Thinking – it all is about CONVERSATIONS – inside and outside your mind. So let’s use these tools and MAXIMIZE THEM.)

FULL LENGTH RECORDING #3: THE PRODUCTIVITY PUMP – Pump up your Productivity – with the Apache Scout Action Activators. Once you quickly internalize the 7 SECRET STEPS – Action Activators- it will take you just 4 minutes a day to RED LINE your results, get 2 to 10x the productivity you currently get – and do it in far less time.

What’s all this worth to you?

  • Think NO MORE NEGATIVITY. Inside or out.
  • Think EXPONENTIALLY increased productivity. Amped up results.
  • Think – even more easily approach anybody – anywhere you would like to have or work with in your life. People you are attracted to. Clients. Prospects. Partners.


    • Over 2 hours of SOLID GOLD nuggets you can download within minutes.
    • THREE Apache Scout Mind Control Handbooks – you can print out – and use again – again – and again – to maximize your results.
    • A CLASSIC TIME TESTED bonus recording that is too good to mention here


Get it now – at the LIST MEMBERS SPECIAL price of just:

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SNEAK PEEK VIDEOS – That give you just the beginning bits. These alone are worth the price of this Crash Course.




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Note: No fluff. No filler. Why? To maximize your time and mine, there is absolutely no fluff, no filler, no boring theory in this training. It is barebones – yet is TOTALLY TO THE MAX – with the THREE HANDBOOKS – and THE MP3 AUDIOS. Rock and roll. Period.


Apache Scout Mind Control 2012 – Volume 1- Critical Conversation Destroyer.

  • Three Methods that end Mind Sucking Conversations (Including those inside your head) in just a few sentences.

Apache Scout Mind Control 2012 – Volume 2 – APPROACH ANYONE – Magnetic and Magical Conversation Secrets

  • How to exit the loops that keep most people stuck in stupid, boring conversations – and how to have productive and powerful conversations that feel great.
  • NATURAL methods that can open the door – so you can approach anyone – anywhere – anytime. And have an amazing conversation – they won’t want to ever end.
  • How to captivate any audience – or individual – so they won’t feel captive – bored – or anxious with you.

Apache Scout Mind Control 2012 – Volume 3 – The Productivity Pump

  • AMPLIFY results and return on investment lightning fast, by learning how to ask yourself – or anyone three simple questions. You’ll learn these in just under the first 4 minutes.
  • Get 2 to 10x the results and productivity you are getting right now, with our SIMPLE SEVEN STEP SEQUENCE – That takes just four minutes a day – max.

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07 January 2012
Testimonial from KG,

Before my journey with Mr. Twenty Twenty I had a ton of illusions that held me back. After reading his stuff, watching his videos, and communicating with him through email, my world changed. I realized those illusions are bullshit and those illusions are the only thing that hold me back.
I used to try so hard to “figure out” the world I was living in. Trying to “figure it out” and get it “right” was driving me nuts. Now I realize “it is what it is” and I can “let it be” or “call it what I want”. Free little bit’s like this gave me a new perspective. Now life is not a struggle. Life is great.

Mr. Twenty Twenty’s stuff is amazing. I recommend him to you. He can help you, like he helped me.


January 30, 2012

Mr Twenty Twenty’s apache scout 2012 crash courset invokes some awe for awesome results. after immersing myself into the materials, i noticed bits of his apache scout material in conversations, in my head, and find myself implementing more and more of it. the biggest bonus for me was the mind suck eliminator.

I have had this dilema about the whole mind suck topic, and after reading some of the material, immediately found solace in the words i read and heard. I know Mr Twenty Twenty to have and to be the answer to many things. any his materials will have a profound effect on you, whether noticed immediately or after some time.  I am still learning more and it has been some time since i discovered his material thanks Mr Twenty Twenty, you have done so much for me, and will do so much for the world.