Hypnotic Profit Building – Special Report by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

Building a kick ass hypnosis biz, is about realizing you have THREE ROLES to play.

You will start making some decent buckos, once you realize that you are a Hypnotist, an Educator and an Entertainer.

Think about it. And see how this applies to YOUR BUSINESS. Look around you. Notice that certain kinds of businesses that succeed wildly are built on THE PERSON AND THE PERSONALITY BEHIND THE PRACTICE.

Hypnotherapy is a business that can do well based on “the practice of hypnosis”, if the base target market is big enough.

Hypnotherapy is a business that can do WILDLY AND EXCEPTIONALLY WELL, if it is built on the PERSON AND THE PERSONALITY BEHIND THE PRACTICE.

So if you want to make a pretty darn decent amount of buckos in the Hypnosis Biz, you need to be able to fulfill three roles, Hypnotist, Educator, and Entertainer.

Because to succeed wildly as a hypnotist, you have to CONNECT WITH PEOPLE.

IF you use a system that helps you do just that, success is a system, at it comes just like magic!

The Hypnotic Profit Building Special Report gives you a very SIMPLE, POWERFUL AND DOABLE SYSTEM TO DO JUST THAT.

Like ALL OF MY SPECIAL REPORTS – It’s just $12 bucks. It’s only 20 pages long.

So you won’t be stuck reading it for months, and you will have a ACTIONABLE PLAN AND SYSTEM in your head and in your business in less than 45 minutes.

And one more thing…. Since you may have been wondering about this…

Here is EXACTLY Why should you listen to me.

Even though I have produced and sold the worlds most FAMOUS video on the HANDSHAKE INDUCTION….

That Best Selling Hypnosis Video since 2002 has NOTHING TO DO WITH BUSINESS… but has been selling great for 7 years AND has been used in OTHER PEOPLES TRAININGS… (Yes, I know who you are, and THANK YOU for the times you sent people to me to GET THE VIDEO)

Here’s the Scoop. WHY I KNOW MY STUFF when it comes to building a ROCKING NLP, or Hypnosis Biz…

I was a Regional Assistant Director in one of the big three networking organizations. I helped hundreds of mom and pop entrepreneurs go from struggling to making it happen.

INCLUDING HYPNOSIS – NLP – COACHING – ACUPUNCTURE. Folks who need to have the personality and the person BEHIND the business – BUILD THE BUSINESS.

I got to SEE, USE AND DEVELOP systems that worked.

And, I got to watch people struggle and their businesses die – go belly up – when they didn’t use a system.

Those who succeed don’t work nearly as hard as those tho fail.

The Classic Mistake: Those who fail THINK it’s about doing more.

Those who succeed learn, adopt, develop, steal, borrow, design, and utilize SYSTEMS.

Here’s one, go get it!

Special Report: Hypnotic Profit Building – It’s just $12 bucks. Just 20 pages.
How to build a kick ass hypnosis biz in 30 days or less!

USING IT – will take your Hypnosis Biz to the red line.

It could take ANY BIZ that involves personality to the red line.

But it won’t, if you don’t get it AND use it.

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PS: Our previous 20 page special report went like hot cakes. If you want to check out the testimonials about it – click here! Testimonials on Success Version 20.20 are at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Success rocks! Systems rock! You rock! Whoo yah!

Legal Stuff: Did you know that there are delusional people out there who think that by just investing the price of a six pack and a pizza will change their entire worlds magically? Those are the people that make disclaimers like this mandatory. So here we go. No promises are made about how much you will make once you have purchased this Special Report. You actually might lose money, and come to the realization that being in business isn’t for you, and that socialism is better than capitalism. In other words, if you get this report today, you are gonna have to work at it. Hey, that’s where the FUN IS! If I do push ups, my arms get bigger. If I do squats my body releases more human growth hormone. If I take risks, because life is full of risks, just like getting this $12 dollar special report, then I get a better chance than most of experiencing more success. So no promises or guarantees of income are stated or implied. Nuff said. Let’s rock and roll!

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