Life or Death and NLP


“Why is your NLP so different Mr Twenty Twenty?

“Back in 89 he was a real life hostage in a 3 day prison riot in Camp Hill Pennsylvania. He IMMERSED himself in these technologies because he couldn’t live the life that he had been dealt.  HE NOTICED THAT HE WASN’T JUST READY TO CHANGE, HE HAD TO CHANGE NOW OR DIE!”

As you can imagine from reading that, Mr Twenty Twenty got DEEP  into NLP because his life depended on it.  Not because he wanted to be cool, pick up chicks, or impress his friends – his life actually depended on making changes that were deep, powerful, and lasting.    He was a mess, diagnosed with PTSD, and he knew he needed something REAL to get out of that mess.

And since his life depended on actually “getting it”, along the way he developed a few very powerful strategies so I could get the most out of his trainers and mentors.  Those strategies and more are what we want to give to you today.


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