“Until you can control your imagination, your world is out of control. You live as the victim of circumstance, of history and of chance.”

Imagine living with nightmares, flashbacks, and anxiety that is out of control. That’s what my life was like, back when I had PTSD from when I was a prison guard, taken hostage in the Camp Hill Prison riots. Learning how to control my imagination saved my life, and today has given me the blessing of living the Adventure of A Lifetime.

This tiny little book, PTSD FREE is designed to be read in an evening, and the 7 thought experiments designed to give you greater and greater control of your imagination so that you have greater and greater control of your life.  . For less than the price of a pizza you will learn exactly the thought experiments that I used to take control of my imagination, and how you can use them to enhance your life too. That kind of mental focus and control (and peace of mind) can be yours – if you invest just 15 minutes a day for the next 90 days.

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Mr Twenty Twenty

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I have been practicing the thought experiments outlined by Mr. Twenty Twenty, from his book, PTSD FREE. I am in my second week, and I have already noticed some profound changes, for the better! I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2009, in part from serving duty in my career in Corrections, on a special response team, during an eleven day prison riot in 1993. I was also involved in a near fatal head on car accident in late 2008. These techniques are helping me stay present and are giving me much relief. Thank you Mr. Twenty Twenty! – J. F. Hoffman

PS: MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, or a medical professional of any sort. This
book is not meant to be treatment, or to be used for diagnosis. Do not use it that way. It is designed
to help those who it can help to take control of their minds again. That’s it. Anyone can benefit
from using these thought experiments, I used them to become PTSD free. So if you are in
treatment, continue it. If you need medical attention, get it. If you get a nasty cut, you get stitches.
If you feel hungry, you eat a meal. Consider this book a meal – one that will feed your mind, body
and spirit.