Sucess Version 20.20 – Special Report by Mr. Twenty Twenty


If you are ready to experience success, instead of making excuses, and building imaginary kingdoms in the sky while shooting for the moon, then get this special report.


Hey mate,

If you want to make more money, here is my special report, Success Version 20.20 – Making Money – Pure and Simple.

I want you to get it.   If you do, I will make a whole whopping $20 bucks today! Whooo yah!  (Obviously I won’t get rich selling this Special Report.   That’s not why I have it here.  I want you to make money, right now, this week.)

I want you to get it, because it gives you very simple steps that me and my clients use to make money, both online and offline.

(Testimonials on the bottom of the page.)

Let me tell you what SUCCESS Version 20/20 is NOT:

  • It’s not a bunch of secret steps to take.
  • It’s not my top secret resource list.
  • It’s not gonna make you a millionaire in the next 10 minutes.
  • It’s not gonna do the dishes, help you pick up women, wash the car, or weed the garden. (Are you surprised?)



What it will do is change your life by helping you have a simple yet very powerful course to make money.

If you want to save $20 bucks and blow it on beer and pizza,  I will sum up this Special Report in just 4 words.

Here we go. Here is the FOUR WORD SUMMARY.

“Complete something – Get paid.”

That’s it in a nut shell.   It’s also what every nut job become a millionare in 97 minutes by following my secret plan prevents you from doing by making it too darn complicated.


Now if you want some straight up advice, some real stories from my life, and the lives of those who I respect and love, if you want some stuff to think about late at night between adventures so that you wake up refreshed and recharged, and if you want to just start succeeding, using a very simple method, then get this Special Report, written by your friend, yours truly, Mr. Twenty Twenty.

It’s just 20 pages. So it’s a quick read.

You will learn a handful of very simple – structured steps to do – that will get you making money – the good feeling – old fashioned way online – and in the real world.  Stuff ANYONE with a computer and 5 fingers can do.

It will help you make money.

But then again, here’s the legal stuff. Thank you Mr. G Man. “Some people who buy this ultra expensive Special Report for $20 bucks will lose all $20 bucks, because life has no guarantee’s in love, life, or in any pursuit worth pursuing.   Imagine this, there is effort and energy involved, not hard work like carrying boulders or embarrassing work like selling your blood or other body parts, but what the heck, you’ve got to do something so people will give you money, so why not…. Back to the legal crapola… No guarantees of income are stated or implied. You may end up thinking that you should have spent your hard earned $20 bucks on beer, pizza, wings, crack, or magic jelly beans”.

Or you might learn something and apply it to change life.  Your life.

Okay, that’s it.

If you want my straight from the heart advice and experience, then get this Special Report for just $20 bucks today.

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On the other hand, if you want to keep buying secret methods of the masters, and praying over magic jelly beans, and looking to the spirits and aliens for answers, that’s up to you.

Welcome to reality Buckwheat.

Let’s do it and rock and roll!

Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

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I downloaded Success Version 2020 late last night. I read it minutes ago, went outside to stretch my legs and reflect a bit. We’ve been doing some dirt shifting in the yard recently (tackling a rain runoff issue), and guess what I saw springing up from a bare spot of soil? Little mimosa trees!

I’m not kidding, there they were saying, “See, Buz, products are springing up all over, just like Twenty said.”

Funny thing, there are NO mimosa trees in my yard or at the house next door or anywhere on this block that I know of. “God works in wondrous ways his mysteries to unfold.” Thanks, Twenty!

If anyone reading this has yet to pick up the report, it’s only twelve bucks, but it’s got a million dollar kick. And, once you read it, you’ll understand why I got excited about mimosas.

Buz Mcguire

Hey Buz,

My Sunday morning Tai Ji guy picked it up today too. We were talking about Diamond Dale’s Mimosa tree story that I have in the book, while we were enjoying the beautiful blooming Mimosa tree next door. This world is an amazing place, full of miracles, products and possibilities!

I just finished reading Twenty Twenty’s e-book: Success – Version 20:20 . It is about his three step process that makes real money selling FUN products on the internet. After reading this “twenty” page booklet I understand how to make money with my books: Golf for Baseball Players, Golf for the Minimalist and Virtual Golf.

Twenty Twenty is consistent in putting out useful information that can be apply to my life immediately. I am already going through the easy three step process. It is more than the Just Do It BS mentality. It is more than NLP mechanics. It is more than hypnosis.

If you are like me then you do not want something that is either too complicated or cumbersome (who has the time?), too earth shattering or overwhelming (who has the will?), but something practical and doable. I have always wondered how he did it. Now I know! Here’s a slogan for you Twenty, It’s Doable!

Thomas Pranio, Golf Professional, Author, Patent Holder/Manufacturer, Caretaker, Friend (you know who you are…), Professional Speaker and now, Internet Entrepreneur

Let’s assume that Success Version 20.20 is the only internet marketing or success manual you need.

Someone else would have padded this out to 97 pages, added a bunch of redundant videos and charged $147, and all this as a lead generator for some $5,000 course where they promise, at last, to tell you “the real key to success” – except by then it’s all surrounded in so much confusing fluff that you can’t find it, and they don’t remember what it was. And by then, they want to get you on a monthly subscription…

But as Mr Twenty Twenty says “success is always simple.” And Success Version 20.20 is as naked and raw as it needs to be and is presented in no more words than it takes to be perfectly clear, tell you the God’s honest truth, and get you succeeding. Believe me, when you do succeed, you’ll be doing it how Twenty says.

Tom Greally