“You living FULL OUT and not holding ANYTHING back Mr Twenty Twenty makes TOTALLY CANDID totally rule! Your best work ever! I preordered it (now delivered – on January 28) knowing fully that you would over deliver again – and you have. THANK YOU!”

“I’m really getting excited the preps have so much more than i ever expected. Im changing everyday! more and more shows up. These are the most clear, concise and authentic recordings ive ever experienced.. thank you.”

United Kingdom

“Holy shit batman! You’ve way overdone it again with this new TOTALLY CANDID package! The sample recordings you prereleased with the Remarkable Team are worth the price of the entire 12 cd package. I am in!”

Mr Twenty Twenty,
Again you amaze me with your delightful conversations, your generous loving openness and your incredible skill at tossing a lightning bolt into just the right spot. I am laughing…..I am crying…….I am living the game.

Blessings and thank you

“Mr 2020 you have guts and true courage. Sharing your life, sharing your love, sharing your wisdom in TOTALLY CANDID the way you do has totally rocked my world, saved my marriage, and given me the courage to step out and dial up my business a level higher. Thank YOU!”

This TOTALLY CANDID package is great stuff! The style of the recordings is thoroughly effective, at once intimate, cajoling, and encouraging. You can tell that Mr 2020’s really rooting for the listener, he really want to help us “get it”. It’s also clear that he knows what it’s like to be a working schlep (in a previous life), so there’s a real genuineness there. The “candid” description is truly accurate as he shares his methods for dealing with personal challenges in a cheerful, highly-effective manner. I would say if you need a role model for how to enjoy living, how to start playing with the possibilities, you need look no further.

Lisa – Pittsburgh, PA

I LOVE the new me, and the changes we both have and are experiencing with the Totally Candid Package. Both of us are so much more able to experience life more fully! Life can be an amazing adventure and Totally Candid has given me what I need to embrace and accept life and make it more amazing! Thanks for the help in “dialing it up” a level higher.

Carol Wingert – iPhotographGod

Mr Twenty Twenty here now, just reading what listeners are writing to me about the FIRST FOUR Preparation recordings for TOTALLY CANDID blows my mind. I WAS going to write up some ad copy, but a professional copywriter begged me for 2 days to let him write me ad copy for the entire package – because the sample recordings and his experience with my work has helped him totally transform his life.

So no ad copy here, just me and you sharing listener feedback. Letting you know why a professional copywriter is giving me over $2000 worth of his services, and… that it is NOW time to walk up to the edge, take a deep breath and DIVE IN.

Here’s the deal, it all started on October 26, 2010 – Mr Twenty Twenty was flying around the world from Pennsylvania to Melbourne Australia to meet up with a group of wild and crazy forex traders who gave him an all expense paid 2 week vacation in Australia – complete with all the Vegemite he could eat – and all the excitement he could stand. On the flight there, he made the decision to PLAY EVEN MORE FULL OUT, more full out than he ever had before, to take how he APPLIES his NLP – Native Wisdom teachings and his Enhanced Performance Technologies – to a whole new level.

That is why his own entire life EXPLODED. It was GAME OVER for his old limiting patterns and behaviors and a TOTAL REBIRTH began. He packed his bags, did what had to be done, and dove into the life he was designed to live.

When the teacher is ready – the student appears. When the lover of life is ready – a life worth loving and living appears too. (Life can be good, great, or totally freaking amazing. No matter how good your life is, choosing to dial it up a level higher and applying what is proven to work – CHANGES EVERYTHING!)


That is EXACTLY what TOTALLY CANDID is about. TOTALLY CANDID is truly cutting edge, real world, real life, and it can’t help but ROCK YOUR WORLD. (Read the FEEDBACK above AGAIN, check out the last 3 months of Mr Twenty Twenty’s life on Facebook, READ his articles on, THIS IS OBVIOUSLY THE REAL FREAKING DEAL.

“You don’t get a stageshow with Mr Twenty Twenty. He isn’t a cheerleader, he isn’t a professor in a silly arse robe, he doesn’t bore you to tears. What you get is a REAL WORLD LEADER who walks is walk, talks his talk, and who over delivers where it truly matters – every single time.”

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As you’ve been reading, Mr Twenty Twenty has been both transformed and reborn. LIVING FULL OUT in Australia – Loving life to the fullest – and getting TOTALLY AMAZING feedback from his international and his local clients, the family that adopted him, even his amazing ex wife to be (Carol is even IN THIS PACKAGE – sharing how TOTALLY CANDID is rocking her world).

It doesn’t get any more real world and totally amazing than this.

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